Former Partner of Lottery Winner Fatally Shot in New Year’s Eve Incident

The former partner of Jane Parks, the United Kingdom’s youngest-ever EuroMillions winner, met a fatal end in a shooting incident. At the tender age of 17, Ms. Parks secured £1 million in the 2013 lottery, etching her name in the annals of fortunate recipients.

The tumultuous relationship between Jane Parks, now 28, and Marc Webley, 36, spanned approximately a year marked by intermittent connections. On the eve of the new year, Webley succumbed to gun violence during the celebratory atmosphere in their hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The tragic episode unfolded just outside the Anchor Inn in the northern part of the city, mere moments before the clock struck midnight and ushered in the new year.

Notably, Marc Webley had a prominent presence in Edinburgh’s underworld, boasting a history that included an 11-year incarceration for a previous shooting targeting a rival gang member.

Eyewitnesses in the vicinity initially mistook the gunshots for festive fireworks, but the reality soon became evident as emergency services flooded the scene. A witness shared, “I thought it was fireworks at first, then saw all the blue lights, ambulances and armed police. It was bedlam just before the bells.”

Following the tragic incident, Don Webley, the older brother of the deceased, paid tribute by sharing a poignant photograph of the siblings on social media. In response, Jane Parks expressed her condolences with a solitary love heart on the shared image.

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