Baldur’s Gate 3 Tips: Race and Background Strategies for Circle of the Moon Druids

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a unique class of druids known as Circle of the Moon druids takes center stage. These druids specialize in the art of transforming into animals, a skill referred to as Wild Shape.

While they retain the ability to cast spells akin to their fellow druids, they exhibit a remarkable affinity for their animalistic forms, seamlessly shifting into them with a mere bonus action. Although these animal shapes lack robust protection, denoted by a low Armor Class (AC), they possess an independent health pool that can surpass the druid’s own at advanced levels.

Introducing Halsin, a druid companion within the game who excels in providing diverse forms of assistance. The Circle of the Moon druids distinguish themselves by seamlessly blending the roles of supportive spellcasters and formidable frontline fighters, akin to resilient tanks.

Despite their inability to cast spells while transformed into animals, they adeptly sustain certain spells, particularly valuable ones like summoning spells, which grow increasingly potent with their advancing levels.

The choice of race holds significant importance for these druids. Wood elves emerge as a favorable option, boasting advantageous traits such as Darkvision, Perception proficiency, Stealth proficiency, and enhanced movement speed.

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On the other hand, gold dwarves, though slower in movement due to their smaller size, gain additional hit points and exhibit resistance to poison, fortifying their resilience against related saving throws. The chosen background imparts specific skills, with Outlander and Folk Hero being particularly apt choices for druids. Survival proficiency proves invaluable for uncovering concealed treasures.

Progressing through the game sees your character undergo evolution, acquiring new abilities and spells. At level 2, the transformative Wild Shape ability is unlocked, followed by the introduction of new animal forms like Bear, Badger, Cat, Spider, and Wolf at level 3. Notably, healing is achievable while in animal form.

Each level grants access to fresh features and decisions, with the selection of a feat at level 4 being a pivotal choice. Tavern Brawler stands out as a recommended feat for Circle of the Moon druids, enhancing their attacks during animal transformations.

Strategic spellcasting becomes paramount, with a focus on support and control spells. While concentration spells hold significant power, a balanced mix of non-concentration spells is advisable, especially considering the druid’s role as a durable tank. Synergies between spells, such as Create Water and Ice Knife for effective damage dealing, are noteworthy.

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Preemptive spellcasting with effects like Longstrider and Freedom of Movement on oneself and allies proves effective. Summoning creatures before engaging in combat allows for immediate damage contribution. Tactical deployment of spells like Spike Growth or Plant Growth during combat serves to impede enemy movements.

While unable to cast spells in Wild Shape, concentration on existing spells remains feasible. Early on, adopting the form of an owlbear proves advantageous for both damage output and mobility, with more potent shapes unlocking as levels progress.

Careful consideration of equipment is paramount, given that most gear has no impact while in Wild Shape. Prioritizing weapons and armor that enhance spellcasting abilities and Armor Class for the humanoid form is advisable.

The Armor of Moonbasking, specifically tailored for Circle of the Moon druids, stands out as a staple in their attire. Quarterstaves such as Pale Oak, Melf’s First Staff, and Markoheshkir are recommended for their advantageous spellcasting properties.

Embodying the role of a Circle of the Moon druid in Baldur’s Gate 3 encompasses a dynamic playstyle involving animal transformations, strategic spellcasting, and thoughtful choices in races, backgrounds, spells, and equipment. This versatility proves indispensable in navigating both combat scenarios and exploration challenges within the game world.

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