Indonesian Labor Party Protests Alleged Discrimination Against Legislative Candidates

INDONESIA – Indonesian Labor Party raised concerns over alleged hindrances faced by their legislative candidates in upcoming 2024 elections, Jakarta, January 2, 2024,

The party contends that some of their candidates are being unjustly prevented from participating in the electoral process. Furthermore, the participating political entities in the 2024 elections are urging The General Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) to intervene and oversee the safeguarding of workers’ political rights.

Said Salahudin, Chairman of the Labor Party’s National Campaign Team, revealed that more than 30 instances of discrimination against their legislative candidates have been reported across 30 city districts spanning 13 provinces. During the demonstration, Said emphasized the need for Bawaslu to address and investigate these cases.

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Among the reported incidents, Said highlighted instances where Labor Party candidates were removed from the Permanent Candidate List (DCT) due to alleged failure to submit a dismissal letter. In response, Said clarified that the resignation had been submitted but was yet to be accepted by respective companies.

Additionally, Said brought attention to cases where workers were discouraged from becoming legislative candidates by their employers. Those persisting in their nomination, Said claimed, faced consequences such as non-renewal of contracts for contract workers and forced leave without pay for active workers.

The Labor Party further reported to Bawaslu about restrictions on expressing political views on social media imposed by companies where party cadres are employed.

Questioning the perceived discrimination, Said highlighted the contrast with officials from State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and ministers who are participating in the 2024 elections. He expressed the party’s concern, asking, “Why can’t small people, small workers be allowed to join parties?”

The Labor Party, holding serial number 6 in the 2024 General Election, is led by Said Iqbal and has not declared support for any specific candidate pair for the presidency and vice presidency.

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