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Add Your Advert Easily

In just 3 simple steps…

Top Tips To Speed Things Up

To add your advert to our website you just need to click on the large orange ‘Advertise Here‘ button and just follow the easy step by step  instructions.

When you get to the large text box where you describe the product or service that you are advertising do the following 3 quick steps.

It will help if you have your website showing in a new tab in your web browser or you have the document that you created for your advertisement flyer.

To add the wording for your advert, rather than type everything in from scratch, do the following:

1. Navigate to your website (if you have one) or open a document that you created as an advertisement flyer, or the artwork that you use for your Limelight Magazine advert listing.

2. Using your mouse highlight the text that you want to include in your advert listing. Once highlighted click the right mouse button and when the drop down menu shows left click on ‘copy’.

3. Now place your mouse pointer in the boxed area of the Advert Listing form, click the right mouse button and when the drop down menu appears left click where it says paste. The text that you selected will now fill the area.

Now complete the rest of the boxes in the advert listing form.

Watch the video tutorial

For detailed guidance in adding an advert to our website we recommend using the video tutorial over on the right hand side of this page, where it will show and talk you through the easy process.

If you more help then please call us on 01673 866393 and we will help you.

Help Me Post An Advert

If you need help listing your advert then contact us by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.