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The Principles Behind IPL and Laser Hair Removal Technology
Pulsed laser facial hair removal , or IPL, is very similar to laser hair removal. ipl laser hair removal is that it is equipped with an intense light that distributes "flashes" of light instead of a laser beam. By capturing this intense light, melanin and hair pigment sees a rise in temperature. This is designed to transmit heat to the hair bulb, which helps to delay regrowth and to make the existing hair fall out in a very natural way.

The darker the treated hairs are, the more efficient and fast the result will be. Before each session, your skin should not be tanned and must have been shaved beforehand. Also, it is important to use protective eyewear so that the light does not come into contact with your eyes.

Please note that the advantages and disadvantages described in this article are general and valid for the majority of IPL and laser treatments. However, to know the real strengths and weaknesses of each device, please consult a professional.

Disadvantages of using IPL therapy versus laser

It will take approximately 8 treatment sessions (several months) to obtain the long-awaited result and the results obtained with pulsed light hair removal take less time than with the laser method. This is a rather delicate method especially for pigmented skin because pigmented skin contains a lot of melanin. This technology is, therefore, not compatible with dark skin, or even light-colored hair.

The principle of laser technology

Laser hair removal consists of removing unsightly hair on certain areas of the body. To do this, the laser epilator produces a beam of light absorbed by the dark spots, that is to say, darker hairs. As soon as the beam reaches the hair and its bulb, they are immediately destroyed.

Laser hair removal qualifies as a type of permanent hair removal. Remember, however, that the term "definitive" is dangerous because it is a question of completing a natural cycle that must recur. Regarding the hair, for example, it goes through three phases of growth.

The first concerns the active phase, which is technically called the anagen phase

Then there is the regression phase where the follicle retracts (catogen phase)

Finally, there is the rest phase (telogen) phase which is characterized by regression and death of the hair

Remember, laser hair removal in Hawaii is only effective if the hair is in the growth phase. In any case, redness and tingling may not occur after each session. These are, moreover, adverse effects caused by the laser epilator.

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